Latest Classroom Technologies

Technology changes within a blink. Rising up of new technology doesn’t limit to one field. It’s a widespread one. Thus, almost all the time, we can see upgrades in technology in every field. People want technology to make their life simple. They try to save their time though technology. Therefore, at present, not only adults, but also students have tended to use the technology to do their studies. Since education has become a competition, every student should fight to gain a good result. So, to make their studies easy, scientists have introduced some latest classroom technologies to the world.

Clicker Pads, once invented the world and it’s still ongoing. According to the researches, students really like this device.

Most of the students pointed out that audience response keypads make their studies easier. One popular task of this device is posing multiple questions to the entire class to check the understanding of the key concepts. Then collecting their concepts, the instructor can project a table or graph. As a result, he/she can display the way the students have responded and take the next step.

Recently, we saw new rising in classroom technologies.

Augmented reality

This technology will definitely amaze you. Seeing everything beyond the limit is a good way to have lots of experiences. Students, most of the time kids are fed up with the usual non graphic images. Sometimes they don’t even pay attention to the teachers. But, for a change if we replace AR with books, studies will be more interesting. This device augments like AGM electronic voting the real world through sound, graphics, video and GPS data. It helps to enhance one’s current perception about the reality.

Virtual field trips also can be used with AR. This is a facility provided by the web to go on a trip even without opening your classroom door. Just like regular trips, virtual field trips also make entertaining and educational. If you want to go to a museum, you don’t need waste time or money but you’ll have the exact experience from using virtual field trip. The specialty in this facility is you can go anywhere you want. This site also has activities, researcher questions and answers.

3D Printing.

Most of the students are bored with 2D pictures in their text books. Thus, 3D printing makes their studies really interesting. This helps students to design prototypes without much difficulty. Together with CAD, 3D printing helps students and also teachers to achieve their goals. Most of the teachers had to face lots of difficulties when they had to explain some concepts such as molecular structures and DNA. But, thanks to 3D printing, teachers will be able to simplify some complex models to teach theoretical concepts.